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What is Upgraded Workplace?

A new approach that reaches your employees on all levels of your organization, with agile and adaptive strategies across all elements of your company from employee productivity, well-being, mindset, to office architecture.

"This is outstanding. With Upgraded Workplace our clients can get truly personal and scientific feedback that is led by a medical doctor."

"We can now offer a new tool on how building data and biometric sensors impact productivity for our team and clients. Exceeding our expectations. "



Per employee each year: 

Source: Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, 2012, PwC, 2013, Absence Management Survey by Direct Health Solutions, 2014. 


Upgraded Workplace was founded by Biohacker Center, with offices in Helsinki and Copenhagen. The award-winning team & best-selling authors (Biohacker's Handbook), gathered various trained professionals in optimal human performance, health & well-being. The Upgraded Workplace program was originally designed for digital professionals with desk jobs.

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Upgraded Workplace is proudly produced by Biohacker Center in Helsinki, Finland. 

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